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"We first came here in 1990. My husband, Edoardo Ventimiglia, was a documentary film director in Rome with a small old family studio, his grandfather had been Hitchcok’s first cameramen, and I, Carla Benini, born in Trento, was an agronomist, dreaming a job in the open and spending my days on office work, airplanes and hotels. Slowly but unavoidably we lost interest in our city jobs. There was not much when we started, only one hectare of vineyard, a house in bad shape and a land that had been abandoned for years, but gradually things evolved. In 1997 the first harvest in our restored cellar, our first bottle.. Each day we revise our project, and work together with our collaborators and our oenologist and friend Attilio Pagli to make it real. Each day we are glad to have crossed over into this dimension."Carla Benini owner with her husband.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items