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“From the beginning, Suvereto’s challenge to Bolgheri—as Tuscany’s premier source of Super Tuscans—has come from just two adjacent estates: Tua Rita and Montepeloso.
While a unique site is important for great wine, an inspired winemaker is also required. The introspective Chiarelotto had little interest in the guidance of fashionable oenologists. He was determined to follow his own path— and he brought with him a clear vision of the singular wines he felt the estate could yield.

Slowly, Chiarelotto is receiving the rewards of his passion. The buzz that has been spreading through Europe over the past few years has leapt the Atlantic. A growing number of collectors see Montepeloso’s wines as the most beautiful, profound, and expressive of the Tuscan New Wave.
Production will gradually increase as young vineyards reach maturity. For now, these remain among Italy’s elite rarities.”  
The Rare Wine Co.
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items