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The farm, Stefano Amerighi, was born from a wish that matured over the years, to be able to produce a grand Syrah through the farming traditions of the family, passion, knowledge in the world of wine and the practice of biodynamics. In order to reach this objective, Stefano Amerighi has identified an area of Chiuso di Cortona (‘Chiuso’ is a hilly area which offers better quality for viticulture in Cortona), named Poggiobello di Farneta, in the middle of which, as though it were a cru, there are two well exposed hills to south, south-east, closed within an old pebbly street to the west, a grove to the south and a ridge to the east to close the panorama. The climatic and geological research carried out on the farm have later confirmed that this is the suitable terroir for bedding out clones and the selections of Syrah, personally chosen with care in Valle del Rodano by Stefano himself.

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