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Located on the steep slopes of the hills around Bagno a Ripoli, the villa is named after three ancient springs, “Fonte Gaia, “Fonte del Re” and “Fonte al Noce”, first recorded in Medicean times, which continue to gush cheerfully on various corners of the estate.
Today the “Fattoria le Sorgenti” comprises 52 hectares made up of woodland, vineyards (16 h.) and olive-groves overlooking the Arno River and Florence.
The land where the estate’s vineyards thrive enjoys fine exposure to both sun and wind, with a barely fertile, rocky and calcareous soil, the best guarantee for high quality grapes.
These ancient vineyards have been the property of Elisabetta and Gabriele Ferrari since 1974. Quality has been steadily raised by Gabriele's immaculate vineyard work, while Filippo, their oenologist son, is responsible for the vinification and the growth of these award winning wines.

The work in the vineyards is done manually with a calibrated running of each plant with balanced Guyots and cordons, to concentrate all of the micro-climate typicality of the terroir. The theories of bio-balancing and organic fertilization are integrated by pondered use of anti-parasites. In the pre-vintage phases monitoring work is concentrated and meticulous, through organoleptic and chemical-physical analysis, necessary to determine the ripeness of fruits, once ready it is manually harvested only.

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